InDigital Africa: conversations that count

Real-time authentic insights you can act on.

  • Businesses use our monthly reports to understand how best to connect with consumers. At a fraction of the price of traditional research.
  • It’s authentic: people continually use the internet to share their views, voice their frustrations and celebrate victories. We listen to what they are saying, when they really say what they feel – not what they think you want them to tell you.
  • It’s fast: we’ll email you a report each month – and present deep, strategic insights you can use to set strategies every three months. If you want real-time reputation management, we can do that too.
  • It’s well priced: we don’t have to pay for respondents, expensive viewing rooms, or bloated software license and we pass these cost savings onto our clients.
  • It’s focused on business strategy: the team behind this product are seasoned business professionals with a track record of using research and data to create brand and business strategies that have turned companies around.
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